Sequel or Rehash? – New Super Mario Bros. Wii

New Super Mario Bros. took the stage when it was released on the Nintendo DS in May of 2006. With universal acclaim, the latest installment into the main Super Mario series was a hit, selling over 26 million copies and becoming the best-selling Nintendo DS game to date. Then, at E3 2009, Nintendo unveiled a sequel to their highly successful game. While New Super Mario Bros. Wii was in the sense a new game, the similarities between the two leave a simple question among gamers. Was this game a true sequel or simply a rehash and a quick grab for cash?

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dedicatedtogamers2828d ago

Did this guy even play the game?

New levels, WAY more levels, new enemies, new secrets, WAY more bosses, added in 4-player co-op, new powerups...

It was the first Mario sidescroller in 18 years on a console, and it sold like gangbusters. It's still one of the best sidescrollers on the market.

Canary2828d ago

...Yeah, but all of those things still fit the bill of rehash. It's the same basic gameplay, same structure, same (lol) narrative, same atmosphere, same garden-variety "puzzles."

Nintendo really changed things up with the Galaxy games: this one, though, it's about as exciting as the color mauve. Mario fanboys... I get it. You think the game is perfect. But for, you know, the rest of the world--the people who don't salivate over those overalls--the game doesn't really offer anything worthwhile.

dedicatedtogamers2828d ago

So you're saying that the 25 million people who bought this were just "Mario fanboys"?


Sorry, but you're wrong, plain and simple.

Canary2827d ago

No, I'm not.

Sales numbers are completely irrelevant. Yes, a good portion of those are from fanboys: more still are from casual gamers, or gamers who don't think, or gamers who buy ignorant.

It could have sold 2 copies or 2 million and my argument would still be the same, and still be valid. The sad fact of the matter is that NSMB Wii sold well because the vast majority of gamers simply do not bother to do ANY research. Gamers are among the, if not THE dumbest group of consumers on this planet.

ApexHell2828d ago

i have played the ds one and it was great. the wii version i havent played so i cant really comment on if it was a rehash or not but a mario game is a mario game regardless.

tweet752828d ago

not a rehash only some of the gameplay ideas. But lots of fresh ones. Nintendo could have been lazy and "remade" super mario 1, 2, 3 but they made a whole new game. It is arguably in my honest opinon the best mario game ever