Snipe the Dev - Friday 16th November

How often do you get the chance to face the dev on an all out war in multi player online? Well those of you who has Killzone: Liberation for psp and has the infrastructure patch to play online, then your in luck, according to the official killzone website:

"In order to thank all those of you who downloaded the Killzone:Liberation infrastructure patch and who continue the war for Vekta day by day online, it gives us great pleasure to announce another "Snipe the Dev" event! On Friday 16th November from 21:00 to 22:30 hours Amsterdam local time, brave members of the development team will be available on both US and European game servers - now's your chance to frag a QA manager, perforate a Lead Artist or execute a Game Director!

Pit your skills against the powers of the Dev team – will you pwn or be pwned?"

thats 3:00 P.M Eastern time.

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