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LAG - "Considering that the fact that the games industry is a rapidly growing multi-media platform which helps break down the barriers of reality, most people don’t realise the potential for this amazing aspect of life. Right, now you can breathe. Go on, I’ll let you. Finished? Excellent, now hold your breath. And it is amazing! I do say this without attaining an erection. It helps working class families forget about economical struggles, it can be used as a platform to help educate disabled people through interactivity and it can entertain and touch heart strings as well as top a Hollywood film."

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Gazondaily3612d ago

Gaming became mainstream quite a while ago I think. The Wii played the biggest part however.

Baherroth3612d ago

Yeah, it did become mainstream a while ago, its just really starting to get momentum....with esports gaining increasing coverage such as Call of Duty, Heroes of Newerth, Starcraft 2 etc...and celebrity face is beginning to be more known to a larger audience, such as Day[9] from SC2 or XJawz from Call of Duty....people who were just "casual" gamers with friends are starting to get into the "interactive professional gaming world"... Hopefully, Esports and such will hit a certain degree of mainstream-ness that it becomes part of the news, younger education syllabus' and television even....we can only hope :D

djodel3611d ago

Nice post, enjoyed reading it