Batman versus Spider-Man - Who has the best handheld games?

Pocket Gamer selects what it considers to be the best outings for these crime-fighting legends on six different platforms – Game Boy, GBC, GBA, DS, PSP, and iOS – to determine which of the pair is the definitive superhero of pocket gaming.

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FlareDReborn3615d ago

I only played 1 spiderman game for GBA and i could never beat it. Talk about rage...

maniacmayhem3615d ago

Handheld!?! Oh hell i thought this was going to be a full on nerd rage debate!


NukaCola3615d ago

I have only played Batman on the Atari Lynx and it was awesome.

Mario4life3615d ago

spiderman, ultimate spider-man is still my favorite for my ds along with the ipod touch one