Learning Through Gaming: Assassin’s Creed II

"People generally have divided feelings on the Assassin’s Creed series. Some love it, some tolerate it, and some people just downright hate it. Regardless of your feelings on gameplay or story, Ubisoft did a painstakingly awesome job on rebuilding Renaissance Italy."- Skyliner

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Fir3truck2828d ago

I seem to gain a lot of my knowledge from video games these days. It makes me think that my son will be using video games in history class.

Skyliner122828d ago

That would be the most awesome class ever.

maxcavsm2828d ago

I would have certainly paid closer attention in class if the teacher would have made references to AC:2 during our discussions on Rome, Italy, the Borgias, etc.

Brownghost2828d ago

I love the writers of AC and the history team that made me actually check if assassins were real god I love this game and the atmosphere

DanSolo2828d ago

I agree, this game did more than any other that I can think of to add educational material into it's gameplay in a mostly seamless and interesting way!

It gave me an interest in Renaissance Italy and an appreciation of art and architecture!

While on the subject of cool educational things in gaming.... everytime I listen to music on my PS3 and have the Earth visualization going... it makes me think that I'd love it if they made a beefed up astronomy version.... so while your music was playing you had like a sort of artistic tour of space: planets, stars, quasars ect ect that just looked cool, but that also had a little explanation box (that could be toggled on and off) so that people could actually learn something about the universe we live in while listening to some good tunes!

But back on topic, the history wrapped up in Assassin's Creed was done in such an interesting way for me, that I enjoyed taking time out from assassinating people to just admire the view and read and learn some new things!

codergames2828d ago

I learned a lot too .. about the history and stuff.