Daily Joypad Hands On Preview - Counting Kills in Bodycount

Shooting games these days have become all too serious and often overuse the whole cover routine. This could all be about to change with Bodycount. The aim of the game is to deliver an experience that relies on good old fashion action-packed shooter fun, rather than hiding behind cover and getting all serious. It has a story where former American soldier, Jackson, is recruited by an organisation to help stop an international crisis. But Bodycount is a game where guns, bullets and explosions take precedence over the story. And with this amount of action and fun, any kind of story is the last thing on your mind.

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joydestroy3615d ago

although i've been looking forward to a Black sequel of sorts, i think i've decided to wait 'till after release to pick it up. just too much high quality stuff coming out at the same time. i really just need to know how long the campaign is. if it's 6hrs, no thank you.

Brownghost3615d ago

I forgot about this game I thought it was dead it reminds me of brink

EazyC3615d ago

Chances of getting a review average of less than 65?

Almost 100% I think. I'd love to be wrong though, FPS's need a refreshing change.