Bioware Projects Star Wars: The Old Republic to 2025, Lucky to Make 2015

"When people show up on the first day of work to design a new video game, I imagine they want to believe their game will stand the test of time. That their talents were fused together to create a monument of video game design creativity that they can fondly look back on from the deck of their 24 karat gold super yachts and say, “I made that wonder of modern technology.” Apparently, Bioware is no different, but their goals are a little more lofty than most."- Shanghai Six

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FlipDock2823d ago

wow, it does seem quite ambitious

maxcavsm2823d ago

No effin' way. I hope the game works out, but come on.

dingledodie772823d ago

Good luck with that, I just don't see it.

BIXOMAU2823d ago

This article is a *bit* misleading.

A few misconceptions:
1st) When Ohlen said 500 words in 2025 he was joking. He was laughing he said that and it was just to illustrate that BioWare hopes the game stays up for a long time.

2nd) 500$ million? Really? This number was just made up. The highest rumoured value for total development cost was 300$ million by EALouse, and he wasn't event a BioWare employee.

NuclearDuke2822d ago

If they have been smart enough to be able to upgrade their graphics to compete with "next-gen" and continously support this as their only game in process, then yes. It might stick if their launch is good.