Seven reasons to date Catherine

OXM UK: "The Xbox 360's sexiest oddity."

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dirigiblebill2822d ago

Notice that the PS3 version gets the sexier boxart. I wonder if any money changed hands over that.

/conspiracy theorist

Lord_Sloth2822d ago

I disagree. I would have rather gotten the same box art as the 360.

jlar2822d ago

It doesn't matter............

........."she" isn't real.

Lavalamp2822d ago

YOU'RE not real! /pathetic comeback

L6RD7BLU32822d ago

The guy above me has the lamer comeback

Lavalamp2822d ago

It's not supposed to be a comeback. It's a joke.

L6RD7BLU32822d ago

P_P If you say so I'm not judging.

Brownghost2822d ago

I love my pizza box and pillow case(collectors edition)