Bladestorm Finally Ships for PS3 and Xbox 360

Settling bets being kept by video gaming bookies all throughout the industry, it was today announced that the oft-delayed and system-jumping action game Bladestorm has finally shipped for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The second of KOEI's next generation titles – the yin to Fatal Inertia's yang, if you will – The Hundred Years' War puts players in the shoes of a mercenary out to make a name, and perhaps a bit of coin, for himself during the titular conflict between England and France.

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BloodySinner4000d ago

Who's buying this garbage? Not me.

MK_Red4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

I'm with you. Seriously, the graphics are mediocre PS2 quality not PS3/360 worthy. Some of the animations seem to be copy pasted from PS2 Koei games.

kss4000d ago

yes, this games is not of very good quality.
but its a challenge making an rts on a console(especially by koei).

GamerMan4000d ago

I'm sorry you guys don't feel this game is good enough to play. Obviously your interests are different than mine. This game is not garbage and has some unique elements of play. Is it a top game .. nope but neither was Dynasty Warriors:Gundam and I had a blast playing a game that I enjoyed.

I'm sure I will have playing this game as well as the demo allowed me to determine if I was going to like it or not. BTW graphics aren't everything but are a nice feature to add to the gameplay.

There is strategy envolved in this game as I learned when i thought I could just pick any unit and just run amuck. I'm sure the demo doesn't even give you the real taste of the challenges later in the game.

Then again I have always been a Romance of the Three Kingdoms fan and no I don't buy every iteration but that is no different then people buying the same sports game every year for example Madden.

MK_Red4000d ago

Different opinions indeed.
I personally dislike all Warriors games from Koei (When playing, I feel their all the same, even the original and older PS2 Dynasty Warriors made me bored in less than 30 mintues), EA's sports games (Madden, Fifa... all are yearly rehashes).
But I know gamers that love every Keoi/Warriors game and others that are fans of Fifa and other games. Different opinions :)

GamerMan4000d ago

A lot of the Dynasty Warrior games were stupid to me to be honest. The Gundam version was good because it didn't play exactly like them and this itteration is also going to be good to me because even if it has elements from Dyansty Warriors it is diffently unique in my opinion.

To me it's more the start as a rogue or soldier on the bottom teir for Cao Cao from the Rot3K days and work your way up through the ranks. I personally liked that aspect of those games just as much as creating my own ruler and trying to take out the other countries.

I like your attitude about it MK and can see you're definitely a gamer first. Good to know they still do exist.