Brink dev may make singleplayer-focused game in the future

Brink developer Splash Damage has only worked on multiplayer-focused games so far – but according to lead writer Ed Stern, the company doesn’t want to “restrict” itself to this genre, and may take a singleplayer focus in future titles.

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3616d ago
Son_Lee3616d ago

Lack of a single-player is the ONLY thing keeping me away from Brink. I can deal with the other problems, but when you're a multiplayer-focused objective-based shooter, it's kind of crucial to, I don't know, have a PARTY SYSTEM AND AI THAT FREAKING WORKS!!

x5exotic3616d ago

SP-focused game?? that's not a choice thats actually what you MUST do so that a game wouldn't suck, MP is just an extra feature nothing more...

LewisDenby3616d ago

Seriously? You're seriously claiming that there has never been a good multiplayer-focused game? Seriously? Have a real think about that.

x5exotic3616d ago

i don't really care about Mp, only try it sometimes after the story, RDR and stuff like that, but if a game is mainly about MP and it's SP campain sucks ass, that's lame no matter how good MP is, COD for example...and no there has never been a good mp focused game because im mainly interested in story :)

JellyJelly3616d ago

Just make sure it's finished before you release it.

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