Battlefield for handhelds appears on EA release list

TechNoid writes: "Just after Electronic Arts released their revenues for last fiscal year, we spotted something special on their upcoming releases list."

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zeksta3616d ago

I'd love to see BF3 on the PS Vita.. the 3DS not so much, but what I'd really love to see, is CROSS PLATFORM PLAY with the PSV and PS3! :D

xYLeinen3616d ago

I think seeing both MW3 and BF3 on the PS Vita would help the device to sell lots of units.

I must say it would be important to have the opportunity to synchronize your stats between your PS3 and PS Vita tho.

Jio3612d ago

The PS VITA will let you use the same username as the one on your PS3. So if you use the same PSN name your stats will sync.

MasterCornholio3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

With only one circle pad its impossible to play FPS well. Which is why i agree with you.
Nintendo could have shoved another circle pad easily into the 3DS but i have no idea why they didnt do that. I was actually surprised when they only announced one after all the negative press the PSP got for only having one nub.

Solid_Snake-3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

@zeksta you dont even own a 3DS so it wouldnt effect you would it. so why wouldnt you like to see it on there.

but i think i know why you would prefer the VITA to have it. after all this is N4G

Bonobo123453616d ago

someone can't prefer one handheld system without being labelled a fanboy now eh?

If people complain so much about N4G why do they come here?

Yeah a lot of people seem to favour a certain company but why does it bother people that much?

I would prefer a COD or BF on the Vita, simply because it's seemingly the only viable handheld to play that kind of game on. (two sticks)

zeksta3615d ago

And you don't see any irony in your name being Solid Snake? :P

fl1pp133616d ago

I hope the audience is big enough for some proper multiplayer games.

iamnsuperman3616d ago

Interesting for mobile. Now will this have the bad controls BFBC2 had????? It was a shame because other games had great controls

Tachyon_Nova3616d ago

I dont know why you got so many disagrees, the controls in BC2 mobile are nowhere near as good as even Modern Combat 2 on mobile.

Today I was playing BC2 on my Xperia Play and the controls still suck. For example your sensitivity is really high when unscoped but scoped it is really really slow, which forces you to rely way too heavily on the insanely over the top autoaim. If they let me adjust the sensitivity while scoped/unscoped seperately, plus change the amount of auto aim (as in a sliding scale not just on or off) I would be much happier.

Also the vehicle gun contros are infuriating. If you shoot without zooming with the vehicle guns and then zoom in it starts shooting in a completely different place to where you had been. The only thing that makes them usable is that the hit radius is no joke 3-5 metres for a person if you shoot them with a vehicle mounted machine gun.

iamnsuperman3616d ago

I have noticed that if you mention anything mobile gaming related disagree follows because to many mobile games are not seen as "hardcore" or not for "proper gamers".

Modern Combat 2 is quite a good game and the controls are really quite good especially for a mobile device.

Apollyn3616d ago

Damn dice to hell! It will be a gimped version compared to pc juat like the console version i expect 60fps 1080p its the console veraion all over again! !!!!


Fishy Fingers3616d ago

Bound to be on i-devices like Bad company. Hopefully they get the controls a bit tighter though.

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