Blog debate: PS3 to load games slower than the Xbox 360

From the "PS3 can't get a publicity break" file comes news that the system's Blu-ray load times will be slower than the DVD speeds of the Xbox 360.

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frostbite065864d ago

Well of course. The 360 has always had the edge when it came to the games.

HiSpeedSoldier615864d ago

Hmmm...the 360 has ALWAYS had the edge when it comes (not came) to games. Funny, most of these MS [email protected] don't even realize that the PS3 isn't even out yet, yet they feel they can already judge the integrity of the ps3s software. Typical BS!

frostbite065864d ago

What you fail to realize young hispeedsoldier (ironic cause the platform you blatently are a fanboy of has slow loading) is that the edge i spoke of was that the 360 has the better games. And yes i know i said nothing new, but sometimes those damn fonyboys just have to hear it again.

Zoidy5864d ago

Yes, game loading speed is slower on the PS3 Blu-Ray drive, which is why the PS3 uses cacheing to hard drive - this was all announced some time ago and is common knowledge!

Gamer135864d ago

I hate when stuffs gos slow, but this won,t stop me from buying a PS3.

General5864d ago

Takes longer to load the games up because the games look so good :D

cue kalamos5864d ago

it takes longer becuse they are using a slower BR drive

kingboy5864d ago (Edited 5864d ago )

we know 360 rocks ,no need.we just some bastards waiting on the ps3 ,if it`s fine with u ?