Will we ever get complete control of Star Wars' lighty-up sticks?

Two upcoming games offer lightsaber control via the Wii remote - Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga and the still-very-much-under-wraps Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Having already sampled the former, we know that the on-screen saber-wielder performs only a loose interpretation of the gestures executed by the player. So why are we not given complete control over our luminescent stick?

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Kholinar5566d ago

This article brings up a great point.

Sword-fighting is extremely difficult. Fencing and other arts like kendo take years before your movements are practically competent, let alone looking halfway cool. Blocks are about the only thing that beginning fencers can do well, and that takes weeks. Most people would probably be happier having a button to press for various blocks as it is.

It'd be cool to swing it around, but how much would enemies have to be dumbed down in order to fight at a beginner level? I guess we'll see eventually.

OldGamer5566d ago

A good lightsaber simulator is probably the only thing I would buy a Wii for.