Ways to Save Money as a Gamer: Gamer-conomy


So this might seem like a very funny word and one that you have never heard before. Yeah it’s a word that is fictitious but has a lot of meaning, Gamer-conomy. In today’s market with high unemployment rates, struggling families, college debt, and more it’s tough to be a gamer and be able to play the games you want when they are still relatively new.

I am a thrifty shopper and anyone of my friends and family will tell you right away that I find deals and find them to benefit me, with video games. I don’t spend a lot and I play most of the games that I want right at, or shortly after, the launch date. This is because I have learned to adapt in the gamer-conomy. I will be the first to tell you that I am a father of two, married, work forty hours a week, and just finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Video Game Art and Design. While time is the biggest hurdle in getting my game time in, financials are too. I have sought the deals, and found a good formula to getting stuff I want. Did you ever hear the story of the man that turned a paper clip into a house? Well that’s gamer-conomy in a nutshell, obviously on a much smaller scale. While we’re not trying to trade a copy of Halo for a Ferrari; we are trying to turn a couple games we don’t play into that new blockbuster that just hit store shelves. How is this done you might ask? Well I’ll give you some tips of the trade and with time, and patients you’ll get to the point where you’re paying $20 for that $60 game.

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