The "New" ESPN 2.0 on Xbox 360 Is the Only Way I Want to Watch Sports Now

You officially have a reason to watch ESPN on your Xbox 360 come this fall—ESPN 2.0 is pretty goddamn awesome. Watch multiple games in HD. Pause one while keeping the other going. Stats! So many stats. And oh lord, the mini-guide with live thumbs and scores.

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NewMonday3616d ago

smart tv is the next big thing, Xbox Live, the PSN and GoogleTV are just the start.

i watch my channels thru the internet using a new service in my country, and pay it with my phone bill. over 50 main channels are archived for up to a week. i can just watch sports or programs whenever i want to.


I have 3 IPTV units, Xbox 360 doesnt support any TV functions in Sweden (yet) only Zune and Media Center. 100/100Mb/s Fiber. Works very well high bandwidht and low ping when gaming even tough I have 3 HD channels running on my IPTV's. It's even possible to have 1000/100Mb/s now. The future is already here.

lazertroy3616d ago

I'm watching NFL Network live on my PS3 browser

AlwaysGangsta3616d ago

And this has to do with ESPN on Xbox 360 how? Oh right, it doesn't.

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gamingdroid3615d ago

How long are you able to watch before the browser crashes?

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The story is too old to be commented.