Dragon Age 2 Legacy Walkthrough | Dragon Age II Legacy Walkthrough Video Guide

For those seeking the Dragon Age 2 Legacy walkthrough, here is the full strategy guide that will guide you from start to finish for the latest from Bethesda for this fantasy computer RPG DLC. The spoiler free strategy guides you through each level helping with the best choices, fighting and trading tactics and also includes all those always favored secrets and bonus areas you wish you could find. The Dragon Age 2 Legacy walkthrough guide from GameGuideDog includes support from developer and publisher team insiders as always and membership truly provides more than the average game help website.

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gameguidedog3616d ago

This DLC is really the best for an addon that i've seen this year if you are into RPG adventures.

JerryMatters3611d ago

Honestly I don't know how you doggers do it, but thanks, no one else had a real walkthrough, and i'm sorry posting a short video of gameplay off youtube doesn't warrant being first in google. I'm not getting that. What's up with this videogamesblogger scrapers? Utter garbage.