Gears Of War 3 Ending Ruined By Old Spice Guy

TGH Writes: "It is a sad day when the epic battle of New Old Spice Guy (Fabio) and Old Old Spice Guy has affected the gaming world. Earlier today Old Old Spice guy did a video response to Cliff Bleszinski's twitter question."

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rekcahdam3267d ago

whoda known the old spice guy had anything to do with gears of war ...

BreakNeckSpeed3267d ago

Hello Ladies, look at your man, now back at me

I'm on a..

Dee_913266d ago

old old spice guy >> new old spice guy

crxss3266d ago

Gears is a 1st person shooter? that's news to me.

AWBrawler3266d ago

pretty sure Gears is 3rd person! I should know, I played it.

dantesparda3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Stupid, its not even funny.

FACTUAL evidence3267d ago

"Ruining 1st person shooters for ever." Funny, Old spice guy, thought GeOW3 was a 3rd person shooter.

Ducky3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

... isn't he a character in the game?
To him, it's a first-person shooter. :D

digitaleraser3267d ago

Maybe he meant that it would somehow ruin all first person shooters, while sparing GOW, which isn't one.

Darkfiber3266d ago

Oddly enough, MANY people consider it an FPS. I don't really get why though, but trust be, he is by far not the only one.

lil Titan3267d ago

they need to bring this guy back to old spice and no one should reply back to the cliffy b troll

TheXgamerLive3266d ago

Well, an obvious give away that they know not what they speak of.

thesummerofgeorge3266d ago

The word they were looking for was DEflected. Not reflected.

ATi_Elite3266d ago

fabio commercial was not funny

FamilyGuy3266d ago

ummm WHAT ABS?

He's slackin on his workouts cuz there's no abs present to deflect bullets with.

Also, i can see why some thin Gears is a 3rd person shooter. It's REALLY close over the shoulder, more so than other TPSs, which almost gives it the feel of being in first person.

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Pikajew3267d ago

He said FPS not TPS.

And the Old Spice Guy makes the game more epic.

ShadyDevil3267d ago

True, and funniest Old Spice video yet.

Focker4203267d ago

I would say it was the worst Old Spice video yet. Saying 'the real cliffy b' makes it even worse. I would say this is not good marketing... at all.

Bereaver3267d ago

@Focker, ohh right, so this made you want to want to buy GeOW less now right?

ShadyDevil3267d ago

They weren't trying to market anything. Its the thing they are doing today. Anyone on the internet can ask Old Spice Guy or Fabio a question via twitter. and TheRealCliffyB is cliffy's Twitter account.

BrianG3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

I agree completely that this is a joke and that anyone can ask a question.

It is hard to argue that this isn't viral/internet marketing in any form. They mention the game, which he just so happens to be in, and the developers twitter.

I just don't think this is PURE coincidence, which is the only case that would make this not marketing.

You don't have to agree with me, but I just graduated with a degree in Marketing, I know about these techniques. A big part of Marketing is to make some consumer think they AREN'T being marketed to, since that turns some audiences off.

Do you like Pop-Up's? Of course not, that is bad marketing. This on the other hand uses humor, much more consumer friendly.

EDIT: And even if it wasn't a paid spot, that doesn't stop it from being an attempt to market the game.

Flashwave_UK3267d ago

i dont even read your comment i just go strait to the disagree.

Focker4203267d ago

Wow that was awful. I'm embarrassed to admit I even saw it.

Plus when are people going to learn the difference between First person and Third person. Gears of War is a 'Third' person shooter, not a 'First' Person shooter.

KingSlayer3267d ago

+Bubbles man. That shit was funnier than the ad.

Electroshocked3267d ago

I don't know how the hell you got disagrees when what you said was complete fact.

radphil3267d ago


You missed the joke portion of it also.

Electroshocked3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

@radphil Could you possibly enlighten me then?

Edit: Also am I or am I not right about what he said was fact?

R8343267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

It's obvious why - people disagreed with the very first statement he made: "Wow that was awful." The disagrees liked the advert.

vickers5003267d ago


He said it wrong on purpose, and pretty much anyone without brain damage could easily tell that after the whole "Anya" line. Though I could understand someone who has never played a Halo game and/or heard of Anya(Anya is the holographic chick in the Halo games), but if you have and STILL didn't get that the whole "fps" line was intentional, then you're a moron if you didn't catch that the slip up was intentional.

Electroshocked3266d ago

@vickers500 Sorry mate, I've never played a Halo game or a Gears of War game, that's probably why I missed the joke portion of it.

BrianG3266d ago


Well sir do you have it? Because if you played any Gears of War games like I have, you would know Anya is in Gears of War.


Just in case you don't believe me.

The hologram's name in Halo is Cortana.


@ vickers500

Thanks, now you have really confused me...

the chick in halo is Cortana, not Anya.. or is there another holographic AI that is central to MC's story that I missed?

Anya is the girl in Gears.. did you play one and two?

vickers5003265d ago

Ah, I see what happened here, I got the names mixed up (seeing as how anya isn't really all that much of a memorable character, and her name "kind of" rhymes with cortana, I guess I must have completely forgotten about anya and assumed that they were talking about halo when they said "fps"). I thought the video was about the old spice guy mistakenly referring to halo (in an intentional way).

Still, I'm fairly certain it was an intentional screw up.

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BreakNeckSpeed3267d ago

Focker420 bringing a whole new meaning to his name. You wouldn't get a joke if it slapped you in the face.

GamerSciz3267d ago

I'm confused. Old Spice Guy knows everything but he calls Gears of War a first person shooter. Now I'm sad.

jacksheen00003267d ago

Microsoft/Epic.... give up the Old spice sh*T already.

Lich1203267d ago

I think you mean Old Spice Give up the old spice already. Ya know, since this is an Old Spice video.

jacksheen00003267d ago

I feel ya! you're right, LOL