Killzone 3: The Best FPS Of This Generation (

Rumors spurred of a game seven years ago to be released as the "Halo Killer" as a PS2 exclusive. Grumblings of a big budget and a four year development timespan to release this game added to the hype of this first person shooter exclusive. Killzone was finally announced and released for PS2, but ultimately failed and was full of bugs.

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NewMonday3613d ago

about Warzone, i was thinking if they could make all the objectives active all the time, and increase the player count, it would bring much more excitement into it.

Mohdunknown3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

sorry. i like killzone 3 but it is not better than killzone2.

and this is coming from a big killzone fanboy

While i think killzone 3 has a better campaign than killzone2 in terms of variety, kz2 has hands down the better multiplayer and immersion

killzone 3 for me is a 8.5 while killzone 2 is a 9.5. kz2 is the best competitive shooter this gen for me

CoryHG3613d ago

I enjoy the maps more and the modes. The only maps I actually don't like are the ones from KZ2.

Dart893613d ago

My only gripe was they added the codish control scheme if the go back to how they were in KZ2 for KZ4 i will be happy.

DarkTower8053613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

I had KZ2 for a while, it was a fun different experience from other shooters. I felt disappointed when GG gave KZ3 COD-like controls. They should have kept their identity instead of trying to bring in the casual player.

iamnsuperman3613d ago

one think I though let Killzone 3 down was its ending. It kind of felt rushed as if there was more but they couldn't fit it on so speed up the ending

thugbob3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

KZ3 is trash in comparison with KZ2. KZ3 suffered from CoDification. There is no way KZ3 is the best this gen. Halo, TF2 and BFBC2 are better than KZ3.

The best competitive shooter this gen is KILLZONE 2 hands down until maybe Battlefield 3 takes that title.

I expect all the sony fanboys to disagree with me. Sony exclusives can do no wrong right?

NewMonday3613d ago

i notice that PS3 fans don't hold back from criticizing 1st party games, and that's a good thing, because it will only make future games better.

DrFUD3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

I loved Killzone2 and didnt care for 3 when it released so I sold it real quick.
Then a little while ago I got it again for less than I sold it for and I'm man enough to admit I was wrong.
Killzone 3 is a lot better than 2
Just sayin'

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Why o why3613d ago

Wheres the ?

From what i hear a lot of people prefer part 2 but not to the same extent as how people prefered the 1st resistance. Views on kilzone 2 vs 3 seem more ballanced

dragonyght3613d ago

i can say there were lots of outcry from core fane the change in killzone 3. when killzone 2 came out it offer different mp exp gameplay and feature wise but got flack because of the heavy feel of the control. they change that in k3 which the only thing they should have done but 25 feature that was unique to k2 was gone in k3

i can honestly say GG got lazy on k3 because there was pressure this time around i mean they made so many rookie mistake s major 1 was that one of the main character suddenly gone in the sequel without explanation what so ever
GG make great tech but when it comes the gameplay design they lack imagination

Firstkn1ghT3613d ago ShowReplies(6)
bwazy3613d ago

Sorry, but MY favourite FPS game this gen was HANDS DOWN, Killzone 2.

KZ3 was so so so dissapoint.

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