WiiPad excitement over Valve’s Nintendo Wii U collaboration

The Nintendo Wii U is not expected until sometime in 2012, and if the console did not have enough attention it has just been given a shot in the arm with news that Valve is to collaborate with the console. This has now made things much more interesting, which means that excitement will now grow due to expectation with the WiiPad.

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MrSpace3616d ago

Why don't Valve just wait untill the 720 and PS4 are out...they can work on a better console then going for the one which will be the weakest of the bunch when all of them are out

jacksheen00003616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

I don't agree..The Wii U doesn't appear to be a weak gaming console if every game developer out there are interested in the Wii U.

WetN00dle693614d ago

I agree. So far the WiiU does not appear weak. IF anything this console might force MS and Sony to release their systems earlier. Just wait and see.

ShoryukenII3614d ago

It isn't weak now but in a few years when the other consoles release, it'll be weak. But if they can gain dominance before the stronger consoles release they can win everything. The PS2 was no powerhouse and the Xbox was stronger but PS2 had a much much larger install base so most devs made games for it. So it was the best console. So it is all about the software (as long as there are no friend codes).

iamnsuperman3616d ago

I disagree purely on the fact that the PS4 and next xbox cannot be classed as better until information is released.

CrazyForGames3614d ago

what kind of retarded logic is that valve is multiplat dev now they support whatever can handle their products
why would they pass up on potential profits soon just to wait for 2 systems that probably wont be here for another 2-3 years

Seferoth753614d ago

Haters arent business men, they are morons.

jacen1003616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

what a stupid comment, do u know that they are going to be anymore powerfull? wii U will be a great maching with more power than current gen that is why they are working with nintendo , also they already have a market way more powerfull than any 720 or ps4 could ever be called PC'S,
im looking forward to see what can be done with this new machine and the wiiU control

matey3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

WiiU is a beast

Opengl comparable to DX11/12
Custom Power7 CPU/32mb EDRAM/Simular to Watson obviously not as many cores ect but same principal lots of cores with tons of EDRAM
Custom HD Radeon GPU using AMD's most advanced graphics technology
8 gig flash
Upad controls for immersive gameplay and Multimedia
75% faster clockspeeds/360/ps3
2gig of GDDR very fast RAM/8 times ps3 and using faster more capable RAM make it 8-16 times more powerful
Open Online/EA at E3 imagine playing all these games in an open enviroment
1080p Native/60fps+
Epic says its a powerful box and can open new doors for graphics ps3 cannot do
Valve says its alot more powerful than ps3
In general the ports have taken a few months which speaks volumes of WiiU power
Early tech demo's Zelda/Bird are not possible on ps3/360

koehler833614d ago

Did you just say 2GB is 8 times as much as 500MB?

charmer3614d ago

the wiiu will have enough support thats for sure

jacen1003614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

cant wait ;)) lookin forward to later this year when we see some goodies

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The story is too old to be commented.