New Resistance 3 Lab Series Video "Auger"

Insomniac Games and Sony have released another video in the “Lab Series” collection which turns the attention of the video series to one of the most iconic weapons from the Resistance franchise, the Auger. Check out the video below.

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jmobley2824d ago

im still really skeptical about this game, 1 was so awful. Need to try 2 though

RayRay362824d ago

1 was awful? Then dont even bother with R3. Definetley not for you.

LarVanian2824d ago

There should be more FPS like Resistance: Fall of Man. Long campaign, detailed story, great atmosphere, huge variety of enemies and lots of creative weapons. Why people call that game awful/generic I really don't understand.
I guess most people these days just prefer typical military shooters with three hour campaigns.

blackburn102824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I really don't see what was so awful about R1. It had intresting enemies with good AI, cool weapons, a decent, coherent storyline, varied environments, scary atmosphere, vehicles to break up the FPS tedium. I really don't get it. How is R1 any more or less generic then the crap people run out to buy now with 3-4 hour campaigns with glitchy, broken MP?

Mr Tretton2824d ago

If you didn't like R1, then just leave the franchise altogether. It isn't for you.

Sevir042824d ago

from the crap that became the standard today (COD)... it had it's identity!

Resistance: Fall of man had creative weapons, with alternate fire and abilities. interesting take on the 1950's. Its physics were amazing and Enemy AI was great for it's time.

The atmosphere was deep and highly engaging, and the ability to strategize with the weapon wheel, the intel, and one thing that FPS's dont have is the whole hero moments that permeated the original resistance. Moments where you save NPC's and they reward you later on in the game, especially the final stage of the game. It was just a well though out game and the fact that 2 was such a huge departure from what made the franchise so memorable was left a weird taste in my mouth.

2 was good, but Resistance: FOM was superior. Resistance retribution was up there with Fall of Man.

I can not wait for Resistance 3 because i love the universe, and to JMobley! resistance:Fall of Man was far from generic and if you played this game after COD then you tainted the experience for yourself!

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2822d ago

Exactly! RFom was a totally original FPS for the reasons you mentioned. R2 was good too with it's coop and multiplayer but it's story lacked the spooky, bleak atmosphere of RFoM and the weapon wheel and the health bar. Also the split screen coop/campaign coop

Thankfully R3 is bringing that all back and multiplayer looks better than ever.

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RGD2824d ago

Ah the Auger......the 'un-tricky spot-inator' as i like to call it. I dont really.

Calidreth2824d ago

Still never got a chance to play this series. Game definitely looks solid though.

jmobley2824d ago

we'll see, I hope it's good

GetoverHere1222824d ago

These videos are pretty cool, but I'm not sure this weapon is all that great, except for that sweet shield.

pungello882824d ago

I like the shield function on the weapon a lot, it looks cool

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