4Player - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3′s roster is dissapointingly awesome

4Player - "Capcom has announced that there will be changes to balance, moves, online modes, etc. But nowhere have I read anything about new quality single player content. The reason I played so little of the first game is because I don’t want to play the game online, or against anyone for that matter. I’m a very competitive person; and if I’m going to play a fighting game, I’m going to want to get good at it. And if plan to get good at a fighting game, I’m going to obsess over it. And I simply don’t have the time I know I need to have in order to get really good at a fighting game. Trust me, I went through this with Tekken 10 years ago."

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Peaceful_Jelly2824d ago

I was expecting more from 4PP, this articles was kind of pointless...

2824d ago
chidori6662824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Definitely won't be getting this crap game. I wait till the King of Fighters XIII game comes out in this fall.