SPOnG: PlayStation 3 Update Is A Turn On For PSP. But What Else?

SPOnG was quite intrigued by the last element mentioned by Sony - to wit, "Trend Micro Web Security, a free, state of the art internet security system, designed to give parents peace of mind."

'Free' in this sense means 'trial'... here's the small print: "The service will be provided free of charge until the end of April, 2008 on a trial basis. The date and method to switch to a pay service and the price will be announced as soon as a decision is made." For more details, SPOnG visited and here's what your Trend Micro trialware web security will protect you and the little'uns from:

"The Web sites that are blocked are high-risk sites, including fraudulent sites and sites of the types listed below, which are likely to be inappropriate for children and families.

Adult/Sex, Alcohol/Tobacco, Crime, Cults/The Occult, Gambling, Hacking/Proxy Avoidance, Illegal Drugs, Sex Education, Violence/Hate/Racism, Weapons/Military and etc."

That "etc" is kind of hanging there isn't it? Doesn't matter though, you can edit them, right? Not according to Trend's FAQ.

"Unfortunately, editing of the Web sites that are blocked or the types of sites block is not supported. Please be aware that this service is an all or nothing service and once disabled, no filtering will occur."

Oh... so remember folks, if you still want to be able to search for sexy gun wielding Klan members who smoke and drink while worshiping Satan as you have a sly bet on whether The Cult's latest album is any good - simply don't choose to turn on the Web security.

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mighty_douche4050d ago

its a games console. not a porn portal.

Lucifous4050d ago

I thought it was free.. and now even the filters aren't editable :/

Another thing for people to moan about now >.<