Atleast 18 More Fighters Yet To Be Revealed In Street Fighter x Tekken, Dual Voice Support Confirmed

During a live chat session at the San Diego Comic-Con last week Yoshinori Ono shared new details about his current work-in-progress, Street Fighter x Tekken.

With 18 characters announced so far ( 19 if you include Cole MacGrath ) Ono-san states that the complete roaster revealed for the fighter is near the half-way point.

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Septic2822d ago

I can't wait for this game but I'm really apprehensive about how Capcom will exploit DLC because this seems like the kind of game where they can hold off a lot of content for subsequent downloads.

I am NOT paying for alternate costumes even if it is a thong outfit for Nina Williams......*I hope*

Quagmire2822d ago

Agreed. On one hand, Capcom is known for exploiting the DLC to lengths far greater than Activision, and thats why I'm definitely not purchasing this game day 1 (despite my love for Tekken).

On the other hand, is it actually legally possible for them to incorporate DLC and/or costume changes for the Tekken characters, considering they are licesnes from a different company? I hope that if they are going to mess with DLC, its only for the Street Fighter side. Namco Bandai isnt known for its DLC, which is a good thing, as they strive to include as many possible characters into one game (as seen with Tekken 6). I hope they dont sell out and exploit the DLC in Tekken X, or allow Capcom to exploit their characters in Street Fighter X.

Baka-akaB2822d ago

namco doesnt shy away from dlc actually . They just refrained themselveds with tekken so far .

A nice attitude i wouldnt expect to last however with the following tekken titles

TreMillz2822d ago

Holy *DING!* 18 more fighters? 9 from capcom and tekken hmm from the tekken side i could easily see Heihachi, Lei, Lee, Jin, Anna, Christie, Law, Paul and Asuka. SF/Capcom I would expect Sakura, Guile, Zangief, Akuma,Bison/Vega,heck another female idk throw Juri in, and idk 2 surprises.

topgun332822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

I wish they will stop recycling fighters: for example Chun-li, Cody and Guy. They were already in SSFIV, why do they have to be put here again? Further what is up with the lame ass prison attire for Cody? Change it up already. I hope they put Christie in and Birdie, who has been a fan favorite, and not put in either Super street fighter 4 nor the arcade version of it. Hopefully he is here now. If they need to recycle a fighter, I would put Dudley in.

violent80sarcade822822d ago

Let's get Elena and Rolento in the mix.

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