TVG Reviews COD 4: Modern Warfare - 'More Satisfying than Halo 3'

TVG writes:
"We've come to expect excellent AI with the Call of Duty series, but it seems as though Infinity Ward have surpassed themselves with Modern Warfare. Employing a mixture of striking scripted moment and advanced AI techniques, Modern Warfare (much like its predecessors) feels more genuine than any other shooter around. The scripted events lend a sense of cinematic purpose to the events, meaning that you're not just fighting against a bunch of mindless AI goons, whilst the high level of AI ensures that even the standard gun-fight packs a punch above most shooters."

"There's only one downside to an otherwise overwhelmingly successful transition for Infinity Ward and Call of Duty. As with many classics, it's all over before you really want it to finish. If you're a veteran of tackling the Nazi invasion in past Call of Duty titles then you'll probably rush through Modern Warfare in less than 10 hours. Admittedly, Modern Warfare is so packed full of hard-hitting sequences, memorable moments, and heart-pounding action, that by the end, it doesn't feel short or cheap; particularly the end sequence is of such striking quality that you can't possibly have any complaints."

"Fortunately, after those 10 hours are up Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare continues the series tradition with a strong multiplayer offering that's likely to keep the disc whirring for many months after."

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Bill Gates4000d ago

Viva Pinata is more satisfying then Halo 3.........AHAHAHAHHAHHAAHAHAHA HA


FrostyMelon4000d ago

AWESOME game! The MP is amazing...hours lost playing it last night. WOW!

jinn4000d ago

only the campaign and weapons are satisfying