4Player Review: Warhammer 40K: Kill Team

Kill Team might have something to offer the gamer who has an in-person gaming buddy, or the die-hard Warhammer enthusiast, but even they shouldn’t expect much more than a few hours enjoyment before the game becomes a chore. As for everyone else, there isn’t much value to be found here. And it’s truly a shame. With the vibrant universe and interesting lore that Warhammer offers, Warhammer: Kill Team could have been so much more than what it is. And in many moments you can almost feel the game reaching outward to grasp a small piece of excellence just before it becomes bogged down in another wave of enemies.

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Kreyg3617d ago

I had higher hopes for this game. Reviews seemed mixed. I think I might hold off until it goes on sale.

Psychonaughty3617d ago

Nah most of the reviews have been pretty high and I can confirm the game is very good actually, just try the demo if you don't believe me. It's really got me excited for Space Marine tbh.

RoyaleWC3617d ago

It's good if you take it for what it is, a solid game featuring a few hours fun of blasting orks for $10. Some reviewers feel the need to slam it for no online, and have trouble remembering it's just a $10 entree to prepare for space marine.

TheDivine3617d ago

Yea i guess games need online these days but i MUCH prefer couch co-op and its usually the deciding factor in most arcade games i buy. This, dead block, and scott pilgrim were all offline but are fun as hell not because of multi but because of couch co-op imo. Some games just lend themselves to a social fun experience although idk why the heck they wouldnt just add it anyways to sell more???? Still a worthy $10 game.