Xenoblade Chronicles Confirmed for Australia

Nintendo World Report's Aaron Kaluszka writes, "Xenoblade Chronicles is confirmed for Australian release by Nintendo Australia. "

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jc485733617d ago


NewMonday3617d ago

so every region other than NA will get Xenoblade

dose Fils-Aime hate RPGs or something?

jc485733617d ago

If there's a way to prove that NA does hate RPG, then we can simply file a suit against the company.

Xof3617d ago

Never thought I'd ever have the opportunity to feel envious of Australian gamers.

Infernostew3617d ago

This is some bullshit NoA. Congrats to those Aussies who want this game.

STK0263617d ago

So basically, most regions (if not all) where the Wii is on sale, will get this game, including English-speaking ones like the UK and Australia, however, North America, usually considered to be the biggest market, will not.

Well, way to conquer back the core gamers Nintendo, I totally feel like buying the Wii U for it's sure to be promising JRPG library now...

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The story is too old to be commented.