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James of Writes:

"Since Microsoft began their annual Summer of Arcade, Xbox 360 gamers have been treated to some excellent downloadable titles. Previous years have begun with games like Splosion Man and Geometry Wars 2, that garnered great praise and excitement for the upcoming lineup. To kick things off this year we’re given the RPG Bastion from the new developer Supergiant Games. The first title released from the studio, this single-player affair has already earned awards like Game Critics’ Choice at E3 and was an IGF finalist this year. With such high expectations, though, can Supergiant deliver?"

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rrquinta3616d ago

Definitely want to give this game a try. It sounds great.

TheLiztress3616d ago

It looks cute and fun. Man, I wish I had a Xbox so I could try it out.

Jamesmanguyperson3616d ago

Supergiant really did a great job. Can't wait to see what they have next!

TheDivine3616d ago

Wow disagree fairies really trollin bastion hard. How are you going to disagree with somebody saying they will try it? Jealous that xbla gets AAA titles and psn gets scraps a year later? Anyways friggn amazing game, the best arcade game since shadow complex.