New Halo 3 Artwork

Bungie has released a new piece of art for Halo 3.

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Gamer135865d ago

i rather some new ingame screenshot, this don,t help Bungie the junkey.

ElementX5865d ago

Like I want to see a piece of conceptual artwork from a storyboard. You know the game won't look like a comic so why show it?

zonetrooper55865d ago

i want Bungie to release screenshots, videos and actual gameplay when they feel ready. Not me nor you, only Bungie, i want this game to amazing not to be over hyped like halo 2. Even though halo 2 mutiplayer was excellent the campaign was ok, not as good as halo 1 campaign.

ElementX5865d ago

Does anyone know how many enemies Halo 3 will have? I haven't read anything about it but I guess there's not much out there to read. I'm getting tired of the same 5-8 enemies.

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The story is too old to be commented.