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GameZone's Matt Liebl previews Arma 3, a modern warfare shooter for PC from developer Bohemia Interactive. With an emphasis on simulation and realism, Arma 3 is shaping up to be the best in the series.

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mystakin2824d ago

The Arma titles have always blown my mind. It's a bit of a shame that how complex and different this franchise is compared to other military games doesn't come through in screenshots and trailers.

ATiElite2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

"views the teaser trailer"......left speechless!!

"Imagines how even MOAR better the graphics will be with the A.C.E. 3 mod".....Jizzes pants!!

Red Orchestra 2 Aug 30 2011
Battlefield 3 Oct 25 2011
Arma 3 2012

My personnel Holy Trinity of military FPS. pretty much own these 3 and you got the VERY BEST of The Best!

death2smoochie2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

It's the reason why I love the franchise.
It's very realistic and leaves the arcady play to COD type games.
It's also one of the reasons it's not as popular because there is a learning curve to the game and is complex...which will leave the 7-12 year olds running in horror.
And the plus side to all the games greatness and complexity translate to children like this not playing the game ever because they suffer from full motion retardation and need games with Aim assist:

athmaus2823d ago

Wow that is pretty awesome, i might have to check this game out...hpefilly be a demo soon :)

DemonStration2823d ago

I get the feeling that ARMA is more like a simulation toy than a game people actually focus on and play. That said, I've seen some crazy ARMA 2 videos and this looks neat.