1UP - Call of Juarez: The Cartel Review

1UP's Thierry Nguyen writes, "The Call of Juarez series has comfortably been akin to that distant older relative (grandfather, uncle, cousin) "from the old country." That is, well-meaning and full of interesting stories and mannerisms, but also prone to moments of slight stereotyping or racism. Yet, you could chalk that latter point to coming more from cultural ignorance rather than outright malevolence. Unfortunately, this newest installment, Call of Juarez: The Cartel, then feels like that blatantly annoying contemporary relative -- a sort of unironic Ali G."

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TheIneffableBob3617d ago

This is actually the greatest game ever made ever

Sub-Zero853617d ago

I really hope ur being sarcastic with this statement ...... Red Dead Redemption is 100x better

LOGICWINS3617d ago

What the hell does RDR have to do with this? Btw, I'm def getting this. Loved the first one :)

DarkTower8053617d ago

He probably hasn't played it and didn't get the message it's not western themed anymore. In other words...trolling.

Transporter473617d ago

Wish they would of kept the original concept of cowboys n native americans n the treasure but improve the gameplay maybe expand to more of a desert or snowy place, there is so many things u can do with it but going to the cartel is kind of a let down for me since i really loved the original series it wasn't something that special but i like the fps western gameplay