Rumor: Microsoft Turns Xbox Soho Into A Full Game Studio, Developing Family Games

Develop's Rob Crossley writes, "Microsoft has quietly overhauled its London studio – with a development team now working on full Xbox games, Develop understands."

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A7XEric3617d ago

How bout Microsoft actually putting together/buying another studio to make good AAA first party games instead?

Persistantthug3617d ago

Its a shame, because had it not been for the RROD incident, not only would MS not have had to close all of those studios (Ensemble, Digital Anvil, FASA, ACES), but they would have had the budget to possibly buy BIOWARE.

Microsoft really should focus on their studios for some core games.

PirateThom3617d ago

RROD had nothing to do with those companies being closed, they were closed because they didn't fall in with the company direction.

Screw the million sellers like Flight Simulator, let's get god damn Kinect Sports out the door.

Persistantthug3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

XBOX 1 had was fresh in the minds of MS and its investors, which had reportedly lost about 8 BILLION dollars.

Then the RROD happened, and they were gonna lose 2 to 5 billion more (There still paying on that, btw).

Investors got pissed, and some were calling for the whole XBOX project to be scrapped so that they could focus on their true business, WINDOWS.

Microsoft staved that off, but they had to cut some budget money from somewhere.....

All those studios became a casualty

Those studios were cut because of the "bottom line"......for that period of time, MS games was running out of money....and investor patience.

OllieBoy3617d ago


MS has seriously lost their way.

HannibalBarca3617d ago

Yup, all you have to do is look at Rare and see what became of them.

A7XEric3617d ago

I'm actually hoping that because Microsoft is getting some family game studios, that it will free up Rare's hands to let them go back and make more traditional games.

lzim3617d ago

frankly those b titles are what made Xbox what it was originally.

QuantumWake3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

But MS already opened a studio that catered to family games... MGS Family:

Now SOHO is going to develop family games? Two studios catered to making Family games? o_____O I just don't understand...

PirateThom3617d ago

Plus Rare, Big Park and Good Science all on casual Kinect games... very odd.

Lilbambit3617d ago

Microsoft has gone from being my favourite of the big three at the beginning of this gen to my least favourite. It's a shame that they just don't care about the hardcore gamer anymore.

SKUD3617d ago

I agree. I liked how it was kinda straight to the point. I miss the original dashboard. MS will never steal that family market away from nintendo. Just like nintendo will never steal the hardcore market way from the PC,xbox and PS3.

InTheLab3617d ago

Well said man/or woman..

2005-2008 were the good old days.

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The story is too old to be commented.