Epic Pres On LA Noire Credits Situation: Credits Are 'Really F***ing Cheap'

There's been a lot of talk lately about the omission of credit for 100 or so Team Bondi developers who worked on L.A. Noire. Apparently, this was a Rockstar decision as they didn't want the game's credits going on endlessly, but if you ask Epic President Mike Capps about issuing credits to hard working developers, there's simply no excuse.

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donniebaseball3617d ago

I agree. No reason all the people who worked on a game shouldn't be mentioned in the credits. That whole LA Noire situation was terrible.

lazertroy3617d ago

Not as Cheap as the Unreal Engine.

Fishy Fingers3617d ago

Wouldnt of bother many people had they added those extra 100 names. Because most people skip them anyway. Still, everyone who took part in the production of the game, deserves their name on the credits.