Section 8: Prejudice week one bonuses on PS3

GNE - Section 8: Prejudice releases today on PlayStation Network and brings with it exclusive bonuses to anyone who purchases the game within the first week, including another free game. Sweet!

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Cookigaki3274d ago

Gotta love free bonus stuff! Is any of this new or is it the same as the dlc from the XBLA version?

joydestroy3273d ago

it's pretty cool, actually. i think it justifies it's price tag

spunnups3273d ago

thanks, i need to check it out, i hope there's a demo

joydestroy3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

there is a demo. you basically download the full game but some stuff is kept locked until you purchase, at which point you get an unlock code that is downloadable as well. enjoy!

Spenok3273d ago

That's a sweet deal. I'll be buying this tonight. Tho I don't hold much hope of being one of the first 1000 people.