So, I just started playing Half Life 1…

A look into how the original Half Life stands up to modern day FPSes by someone who never played the game before.

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Cpt_kitten3612d ago

if you just started prepare to be disappointed as valve neglects its fans and one of its top games

Fishy Fingers3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

"as valve neglects its fans"

LOL... What? They're one of the best developers when it come to support. Oh and if you mean Half-Life 1 in particular, what are you expecting? DLC for a 13 year old game?

Cpt_kitten3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

yeah valve loves us so much they won't put out half life ep3 and or half life 3 instead we get more zombies and a 5 hour long squeal to portal....i list that under they just don't care

love half life, hate being in a huge cliff hanger for years to come

@you below
lol such a hypocrite, i know devs can take as long as they want unlike everyone who complains about FFv13, however there has been no formal announcement it has been 6 years since HL2 came and not a word on HL3

yeah L4D was fun for a little bit and portal was fun though painfully easy my 4 year old niece figured out some of the "hardest" puzzles and the only games she is use to playing is wii and kinect games

so yes neglecting the fans is correct, where were they at e3 oh right no where cause they don't wanna talk about what fans what....where is counter strike source 2???

Fishy Fingers3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

That's just Valve for you, hence the fabled "Valve time" http://developer.valvesoftw... . Ep3 and HL3 will release eventually, and when they do, you know they're going to be fantastic. It's just the way they are. Do you want a rushed HL? I dont.

Long development times doesnt mean your neglecting your fans, more making sure the games live up to your fans expectations. I'm a massive HL fan and like many I've been annoyed by the lack of news regarding the franchise, but I dont feel hard done by. I'll play something else, plenty more games in the sea.

Edit: Hypocrite? I never complained about Vs for a start, seems your whining because they made some games you dont like. Valve are about more than one IP, dont like it, tough. I've enjoyed them, so I dont feel neglected. They're not here to pine to you and only you.

Oh and CS2 will not release until there is a new Valve engine. I'm surprised you dont know that's how it works. HL = CS 1.6, HL2 = CS:S, HL3 = CS'2'. Complicated eh.

jony_dols3612d ago

Still waiting for Black Mesa Source to finally play through Half Life again....


@Cpt_kitten are kiddding me!!! If this had been EA the server would be in the garbage years ago!!!! Valve is one of the best developers period!

Cpt_kitten3612d ago

again i say if there the best where is half life 3 and or episode 3......or at least an announcement not lets beat around the bush and not say a word about it

Camb316913612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

So you are saying that Valve would be the best if they announce Episode 3 or Half Life 3? Really?
I can't wait for e3 or HL3. But I rather wait then have them churn out a new Half Life every year.

Valve; You take all the sweet ass time you want, before presenting to us Episode 3 or HL3. When the time is right, i'm sure it will be amazing.

Solid_Snake-3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

[email protected] neglect fans.

anyone fancie a game of half life death match considering its still going 13 years later.

ohhh boo hooo your not getting half life 3 any time soon so your gonna h8 on valve. your a disgrace to gaming.

kma2k3612d ago

Ive heard so many great things about the series i keep wanting to get into it, but

1. I have such a big game backup i dont know when im going to get around to it.

2. I dont havea a ps2 anymore, i dont plan on buying a ps2 to experience the first game. I really dont want to jump into the second game without playing the first one.

Transporter473612d ago

first game is on the pc u can always play it there

kma2k3612d ago

LOL, i just went on steam & was reding system requirements. Ive been a lifer long console guy so never really even think of pc gaming. Maybe Half Life will be the game that makes me start to look

Transporter473612d ago

well there a ton of classic games on pc man, even some old ones like the original deus ex is such a great game n they are old so you don't need a very powerful pc to run them

wedgie3612d ago

I got the orange box to play portal 1 for the first time a few months ago, saw I got half life 2, and so then I also got half life 1 on steam.

My computer is old, but with the game being older it worked great. Great game, and like I said, I only played half life 1 on the computer for the first time months ago. Definitely should get it.

ElementX3612d ago

These days you could probably run Half Life on a TI graphing calculator, LOL.

RedDeadLB3612d ago

Among the clutter of today's games, this game still shines, despite it's aging graphics. It is one of the best games I have ever played, and will play over and over again.

t0mmyb0y3612d ago

Half Life was an AMAZING game in its day. HL 2 is still one of my all time favs. Where is EP3 though :\

NarooN3612d ago

Valve can't count to three.

theonlylolking3612d ago

Half life WAS amazing. They dont match up to the games that are coming out now but when HL3 comes out it will put most of the games out now to shame just like the others did for their time.

Redgehammer3612d ago

Half-life is Amazing, it is just not contemporary. However, Half Life(2) is what todays games aspire to be. Having Taut gameplay, with an excellent narrative, and great game mechanics; concordantly, Half Life set a standard, and a very high bar that many developers still have not reached.

solar3612d ago

the author of the article just doesnt get it.

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