Australia Finally Gets R18+ Rating For Games

The first signs of progress are there for an R18+ Rating

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agentxk2827d ago

Glad they can play good games now

Tachyon_Nova2826d ago

The ony mainstream game that has been banned here recently is Mortal Kombat. Sure we got slightly edited versions of L4D and Fallout 3 but it is very very rare for a big game to be outright banned here.

dangert122826d ago

well you can play them how they were intended to be played

Bigpappy2827d ago

Congrats to all Assies. Restricting game content to only pre-teens is rediculous. How could a country restrict adults from playing what the hech they feel to play? I would just import what I want, and sell it to those who also want it.

Tachyon_Nova2826d ago

We are now free to purchase LA Noire? This site clearly has no idea, LA Noire was never unavailable in Australia, hell it was made here!