Devil May Cry 4 trailer

Finally here is a direct feed and 720p version of the Devil May Cry 4 trailer showing Dante in a very nice looking street. Until now this was only available as a cam version.

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Gamer135867d ago

The first DMC was amazing with the good storyline, hope this 1 will be a killer.

KoolMan5867d ago

only for the ps3, and if it comes out on that 3.60 console it wont be as good as the ps3 version.....

Sevir045867d ago

and if Capcom released the video only recently in hi-res with the trailer still saying "only for PLAYSTATION3" well i cant argue with that. this is just more reason i will own a ps3, Dante in 720p-1080p, (1080 if capcom considers it) then i'll be surely enjoying this game on my New panasonic 50" native 1080p TV, 4 more days, 4 more damn days until we here about DMC4. and whats funny is i hacven't even beat DMC3. and that game is hard i'm at the level 18. damn it man, i gotta beat this game before i play DMC4... man i love machines that look forward into future, that way when the world catches up i wont have to go out and and upgrade because i'll already have it. PS3 looks to the future while MS looks at the present, which is all good, but PS3 does everything the 360 cant. yes Welcome Chang3.

The_Firestarter5867d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.