Possible Theories to Comfort DmC Haters

Daniel Patten writes, "I will admit that the changes that have happened to Dante in this new installation certainly are ‘different’ from the original four games. But I rationally came to accept these changes with open arms."

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Otheros002827d ago

Yeah, theories. Not actual facts. We don't hate DMC for the sake of hating. We hate it because of all the shit they show and tell us about DMC.

OmegaSlayer2826d ago

Everyone that says that the game will explain Dante's white hair.
You fail, he and Vergil had them since they were kids.
Check DMC1 again.

Redempteur2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Even if you don't take into consideration dante looks ... the mood of the game isn't the same.

Hsword and enslaved have very loose controls simple fighting mecanics and input lag something unnacceptable for anyone accustommed to SSS combos in previous DMC titles.

and that's why i think this game is a joke.

M4I0N32826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I think the devil may cry series need to return to its roots, preferably like dmc1, which in my opinion is the best in the series and dmc3 coming second.

Not only did dmc1 focus on action and variety but it had an intense storyline incomparable to any other devil may cry games.

It needs that resident evil feel to the series like the original had.

OmegaSlayer2826d ago

If you check my latest comment history, it's almost everything about the latest DMC.
I found unforgivable that the game will be 30FPS (with screen tearing) and unresposive clunky control.

In the previous comment I was only mentioning that Dante & Vergil white hair are a canon, they had them from their birth.
So, storywise, Ninja Theory idea is epic fail.
I can't imagine they will step on something so iconic so easily.

jc485732827d ago

Just don't drag us to open our arms too though.

jacksheen00002827d ago

I love the new look Of DmC as well as the art direction.
Can't wait to play it!

BioDemon-2826d ago

Same here man. Haters gonna hate.

Brownghost2826d ago

the game looks fun and great and the new western style is great ninja theory never disappoints

jacksheen00002826d ago

Yeah...DmClooks like a lot of fun. The play mechanics seem a bit more fluid, and the graphics looks appealing too; but I don't know how come every don't like it. well Personally, I don't like Capcom and how they do business; but if a game looks great especially if it by capcom, i m not going to dislike it just because I hate the game developer. I keep it real!!! Good to know that I m not the only who likes Dmc.(smile)

Brownghost2826d ago

What's with the dislikes man there's a pissed DMC fan here also agree jacksheen capcom screws everything great about them( sonic, megaman, etc)

Michael-Jackson2826d ago

The new Dante with white hair transformation looks like an albino!

Hicken2826d ago

First off, what's rational about their irrational reasoning for changing Dante's looks?

Secondly, your theories amount to nothing in the face of no facts. (I seem to recall that it's a reboot instead of a prequel, but who knows what the truth is now.)

Third, as Otheros said, it's not hating for the sake of hating. It's not like non-fans are complaining about Dante's new look. These are the FANS who have problems with it, as they have every right to.

This is valid hating.

And it's the sort of thing good developers should pay attention to.

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The story is too old to be commented.