Fighting Boredom with Dazzeloids

GP blogger, Molotov Cupcake writes, "Growing up, there were several PC titles I simply refused to live without. Dad had (and still has) a penchant for finding some of the most unique software ever, and I always found something to love in what he would bring home from the local Computer City or Circuit City. One that stands out as a shining beacon of my childhood is Dazzeloids. It’s not a game, per se, but an interactive storybook that could eat all of YOUR favorite interactive storybooks for breakfast. A project manned by Rodney Alan Greenblat (character designer for PaRappa the Rapper, Um Jammer Lammy), it’s a trippy, acid-laced tale of four heroes who conquer boredom; all anthropomorphic warriors who dared fight the advances of malevolent TV network Blando, who threatened to rid the world of creativity."

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