PSthree a More Likely Announcement at GamesCom?

Gadgehit writes: "In early July there was a rumour regarding PlayStation 4 production by a Taiwanese hardware manufacturer. The story suggested that Sony were already developing the PlayStation 4 and wanted to have 20 million units ready for the end of 2012. So what’s happened to the PSthree?"

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IronFist2823d ago

I think it'll have a fliptop, the other two have.

Lelouch2823d ago

That would just make it look tacky, keep the slide-in disc tray!

NarooN2823d ago Show
jwk942823d ago

If it gets YLOD can't you just press the eject button to remove the disc? I was under the assumption that the YLOD just prevents the OS from operating but you can still remove and insert discs...

Disccordia2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Hold down the eject button when you turn it on and it will put the fans on hyper mode and force the disc out.

BTW - I can't see another model happening just yet. Haven't they just redesigned the current model to be lighter and use less power?

Motorola2823d ago

@Disccordia Nope that didn't work for me. Its only on older models. If you get the disc stuck and u have the YLOD on certain models, your out of luck. I know for sure.

phinch2823d ago

Cheaper though for both us and Sony,and personally i dont look at my ps3 while i play my games i look at the screen which will apear exactly the same

lalalala2823d ago

@1.1.5 - It's a concept, not a real thing, and nobody said it was real...

zeeshan2823d ago

I was kind of surprised to see Sony not announce a price cut last E3. Not sure about PS3's development cost but I am sure that SONY is cooking a model that is literally hacking proof. So we could see a new model perhaps with larger hard drive and one that's hacking proof however, I'd love to see Sony reduce the PS3 cost to $199. That will totally rock the gaming world!!

NarooN2823d ago

@Disccordia: Nope, that only works on certain models. My PS3 that got the YLOD was a second-gen 80GB BC PS3, so I couldn't do shit about the game that was inside. I tried every trick in the book, nothing worked, so I was fucked. When you get the YLOD, you really can't do anything.

Bull5hifT2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

I got my Motorstorm game out with a pair of tweezers easy , they were like weird tweezers my mom had, i cant quite explain them, also did it on my Def Jam: ICON, not sure if that game deserved to be saved

ian722823d ago

@ all above on about ejecting a disc when you have YLOD.
I got YLOD and couldn't eject the disc whatever I tried. I called customer services for help but they couldn't tell me how to retrieve my disc, so had to send PS3 to Sony for a refurb and disc back.
The problem I had was PS3 wouldn't turn on at all, just got yellow then red light, and holding eject button etc did nothing. The system just shut down totally and nothing worked.
I'm just saying to people that sometimes when YLOD occurs, your disc may be stuck.
The other two times I got YLOD my discs would eject, but not the last time.

OpenGL2823d ago

Yeah, early PS3s had the fan test mode which could be used to eject the disc (I was lucky when my PS3 from 2007 got the YLOD) but not all fat PS3s supported it.

hazbaz2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Guys, I tried this method. And it actually worked. I was skeptic at first. It will give you some time to do whatever before it YLOD again.

dlohnug2823d ago

When my 80GB Ps3 YLOD'ed, I had the GoW Collection inside. SO I manually took apart my used PS3, no warranty, and took the disc out, at which point I threw out that junk and got a slim the day after.

It was rather fun taking apart a PS3, I had no idea what I was looking at though, not similar to my PC, and I built that.

kreate2823d ago

guys. i am a victim of a ylod ps3. just use the towel trick and temporarily revive it. eject the disk and deactivate ur system. than get ur game saves out. than go to gamestop and sell it.

EeJLP-2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

I was hoping the CECH-3000 series would be a slimmer model closer to the PS2 slim's size. But they've already come out with the CECH-3000 series just recently and it's the same outer size. What would they call this? A CECH-4000 already?

I was thinking they'd announce a slimmer CECH-3000 series at E3 2012 with a $199 price point for holiday 2012 dominance.

"Hold down the eject button when you turn it on and it will put the fans on hyper mode and force the disc out."

No, the fan test doesn't always work. I've had YLODs with games irretrievable about 2-3 times. I've had 4 YLODs. The last one, I finally gave in to the warning signs and didn't playing any disk based games for a few days, until it completely crapped out.

jadenkorri2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

my 60 gig launch ps3 wont even turn on, i turned off the switch in the back left it off for awhile then switched it back on, then held the eject button, my disc came out but the ps3 was dead. The thing don't come on at all, no lights, but maybe the leds are broken, but they were fine days before and nothing comes on the screen.

ON topic, that is a horrible design, i understand its a rendered concept. But look at the disc size, is this thing taking records.

AAACE52823d ago

That would look tacky, but a slim Ps3 for under $200 would make a killing in sales!

DeadlyFire2823d ago

2nd PS2 revision was after the PS3 was released. So I don't expect to see PS3 revision 2 until around PS4 release or later.

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Misterhbk2823d ago

I'd buy an even slimmer slim in a heartbeat!

dirthurts2823d ago

Why keep buying the same hardware over and over? It's not like they're getting any new features...
If anything they're losing them.

Solidus187-SCMilk2823d ago

I thought the PS3 slim is the PSthree?

notice how they changed the branding from PLAYSTATION 3 to PS3 when the slim came out.

I dont think they can make it that much smaller yet anyways. Mine may be only the first version of the slim, but it gets pretty hot on the bottom. I just dont see how they could produce a super small and cool version yet.

subtenko2823d ago

This is the same as the rumor that they were gonna make the ps2 even smaller than the ps2 slim, look how that turned out...didnt happen.

I guess this would make the ps3 even more portable tho...but we're good now

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motherboop2823d ago

PS2 9000X series would have been smaller than the current PS2 slim if it weren't for the internal power supply. Many people don't realize there were indeed 3 hardware revisions with PS2 since 7000X & 9000X slim models look similar cosmetically.

Andronix2823d ago

Remember two years ago the PS3 Slim was launched at Gamescon? In the months prior to that there were all sorts of leaks from the far east including pictures of the console, box pictures, new branding etc. But there have been no such leaks. Maybe next year. But it would be nice!

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dude_meister2823d ago

i like the impreza gaffy, looks very realistic, the slim design is good too, but lighting is a little off.

gaffyh2823d ago

I prefer doing cars usually, but do one of these occasionally.

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StarWolf2823d ago

they should release ps4 by the end of this summer to catch everyone off guard

Baka-akaB2823d ago

including their own game developers ? lol

NoobJobz2823d ago

without even announcing it? there just gonna ship them out to stores and hope people notice?

Tru_Ray2823d ago

Uhh, they might want to inform their business partners at a minimum...

Ray J2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

naa, informing business partners is overrated. just let 'em launch it at midnight and not tell anyone...


maniacmayhem2823d ago

Go the whole Sega Saturn route...hmmmm yea i dont think sony will do that.

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Agent_hitman2823d ago

SONY wants to reduce the cost of PS3 that's why they are releasing a new PS3 models.. so that it can help to boost sales, even in the last phase of this generation before we proceed to ps4

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