Video: Uncharted 2 in 76 seconds

GamesRadar writes: Uncharted 2 is a non-stop, breathless adventure throughout its 12 or so hours of length. It would be utter madness to try to fit the whole thing into a mere 76 seconds of video action. But that's exactly what we've got here. Warning: SPOILERS

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dc13614d ago

Even after completing the game 3 times + a Plat.. I enjoyed that.... but can’t help but feel a little cheapish after watching. .... is this how it feels after spend some time with a lady of the evening?

MaxXAttaxX3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

LOL well put.
Yeah, watching it like this feels kinda cheap.

On another note. Is this article a dupe?

Hicken3613d ago

From 77 seconds to 76? Shaved a second off, eh?