Medal of Honor $12.96 at walmart

Dan writes - "If you listened to episode 9 or 10 of the AUNcast Podcast you heard me talking about how fun Medal of Honor was. Well, Walmart is selling Medal of Honor for $12.96 for the Xbox 360 and that’s an insane price for such a fun game."

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Simco8763617d ago

It's what BF3 is going to cost this time next year....


Lovable3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

I concur....

Edit: While Modern Warfare 3 will still be at premium price...

ThePhuq3617d ago

Uh, No?

Bad Company 2 is still 40 dollars. Derp.

f7897903617d ago

I got it for $5 on steam's summer sale.

Ducky3617d ago

$40? Where are you checking that price from?

It's $20 on Origin.

caboose323617d ago

Yea ummmm, it has been $20 for ages.

ThePhuq3614d ago

Online and on PC, sure. But on consoles at retail it's still 35$+ depending on where you choose to shop. PC will always be cheaper than console though.

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NanoSoldier3617d ago

Dice just stand by making the Multiplayer of Medal of Honor. Engine and things like that.

Ducky3617d ago

Not a problem at all as that means people would still be buying the game.

BC2 experiences a nice influx of new players every time there's a sale, and many of those new player stick around, which leads into a healthy community.

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msbabie200343617d ago

i guess this is online only. well i liked medal of honor when i rented it, but i dont know if i may get it if this deal stays. i would rather buy crysis 2 from them since it's 40 new and i haven't gotten to play it yet.

i will keep an eye on this though.

fooxy3617d ago

last time I've checked before selling this garbage there was around 2000 players a day non of them even playing free DLC :P

showtimefolks3617d ago

but it was a rushed game and it shows and it sold over 5 million with first few months if i am not wrong. So maybe it wasn't EA's killer game compare to COD it did quite well

and i fully expect another medal of honor next year to whatever the next COD will be

hopefully this time MOH will be an overall better package

Raven_Nomad3617d ago

Still not worth it. Dice cant make online to save their life.

caboose323617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

Thats funny because all of the BF games before Bad Company were multiplayer only, and are all critically acclaimed.

I would just have to come to the conclusion that you are a childish CoD fanboy. What a shame.

BattleAxe3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

I've enjoyed BC1+2 and BF:1943 even with some of their big time faults like game balancing issues, but I decided to try out BF2 since the complete pack was $5 on Steam, and IMO it was mediocre at best. The voice command spamming is rediculous, and it takes a ton of shots to take an enemy down. The gameplay was all over the place where it looked like nobody knew what was going on. The one thing I did think was cool about BF2 was driving the Amphibious APCs through lakes and rivers. Spawn camping was way out of control too. I do agree that MoH was a pretty bad multiplayer game with really poorly designed maps which always gave one team a far bigger advantage than the other.

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