Megaman Legends 3 Cancellation Is Worrying

It was reported just recently by Capcom over on their Unity boards that the highly anticipated 3DS title, Megaman Legends 3, has been cancelled. This cancellation may not seem like a total surprise because many had speculated that this would happen after Megaman Universe was also kicked to the curb once Infanue left Capcom.

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Assassin Nawabi3616d ago

This was always on the cards

MasterD9193616d ago

Capcom is falling...hard.

CrescentFang3616d ago

A very good article and easy to read... I agree on all points (if I read carefully enough haha)

krazykombatant3616d ago

It happened what can we do now.. Just wait until capcom does something. Megaman should just be sold off to nintendo in my opinion.

GameGambits3616d ago

Mother of God no! Then all Capcom would be doing is pumping out casual game after casual game, no more new IPs, and just keep doing the same games they've been doing forever.

As bad as some of Capcoms choices have been these past few years I can at least give them props for trying plenty of new IPs.

meganick3616d ago

That would be great if Nintendo acquired Megaman. Then they could hire Keiji Inafune to work on the games.

klecser3616d ago

As soon as you read this: "It sucks if you are a fan of the game because you are forced to buy the new version in order to keep playing since the communities of the older game become virtual ghost towns" it makes you doubt anything the writer says. This is common irrational gamer thinking that colors anything that comes out of their mouths. You're not forced to do anything. If you want to have a say in video game products the only thing that can really be done is for people to collectively vote with their wallets. Video game fans have made it perfectly clear that they'll buy anything, flaws or not. You made your bed, now you have to lay in it. Video game manufacturers are businesses first. Yes, they need to keep customers, but all the frustration levelled by gamers at these companies is instantly tempered by the fact that they don't stop buying when the BUSINESS does something they don't like. This article writer is part of the problem and if you have any business sense and want to see games change you have to NOT BUY. Sorry for the rant but it really grinds my gears that gamers think they're so smart but still clearly lack the self control needed to influence the industry where it counts.