GAME Top 10 Chart: Call of Juarez The Cartel Takes Pole Position

GAME have released their latest top 10 chart and Call of Juarez The Cartel has taken pole position over Zumba Fitness.

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KING_KAI3618d ago

i bought the first 2 coz they offered a unique view into the Wild west, but this is just a blurry sh1t fest

MGRogue20173617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

The game is pretty average to be honest... Either rent it or wait for a huge price drop on it if your thinking about picking it up.

iamnsuperman3617d ago

This list really sums up the summer release of games. I am surprised not developer has decided to release a great game in the summer.

maniacmayhem3617d ago

I agree, i would think developers would want to drop something now before the CoD/BF3 onslaught.

resistance1003617d ago

Given how shite the adverts for this game is over here, i'm surprised at this. Still we are in a gaming drought at the moment so people might just give it a go to play something new.

Also that is a really old picture of a GAME store in the story photo.

EazyC3617d ago

Though quite strange, it's still good to see people not purchasing soley based off of reviews.

Though I am a self-confessed hypocrite, I usually see what says about it before I ever buy a game. I can only think of a few instance when they proved me wrong.