Resistance 3 BBFC Certificate Revealed

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is preparing the highly-anticipated Resistance 3 for launch this autumn. The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has revealed that Resistance 3 was passed for certification with no cuts made, and that only persons aged eighteen or over will be able to purchase the game in the UK.

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KING_KAI3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

lol how can someone disagree with you looking forward to it haha

edit below
its unfair to just blame it on 360 owners, it could be wii, cod fan, pc fan. who knows

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LarVanian3617d ago

You know I think N4G should change the Agree/disagree to like/dislike instead. I just feel it would make more sense.

KING_KAI3617d ago

i agree and also add in the part where you can see who agreed and disagreed.

The Meerkat3617d ago

I disagree with you.
.....but I like you.

zootang3617d ago

Just goes to show some of the hate against anything PS3 exclusive. I would call it jealousy.

KING_KAI3617d ago

it goes both ways, but they do give me a chuckle now and then.

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tigertron3617d ago

This isn't news, we knew this already.

KongRudi3617d ago

Loved Resistance: Fall of Man.
Liked Resistance 2, but missed narrator and weapon wheel.
Hope to love Resistance 3 again.

hilyou3617d ago

i hope resistance isnt a normal fps, i want it 2 be emotional and u feel like ur fighting 4 ur life and ur family, and u fell like ur never gonna win. cuz thers already 2 many action fps s.

Sevir043617d ago

Well clearly from the onset of the 3rd game there is a huge emphasis on the narrative being almost hopeless, 90% of the population has been turned into chimera, while the remaining 10% are being hunted down and killed! I already love how its going and this game will be the best in the series! No worries