Playing Final Fantasy VI For The First Time: A Newbie Goes Retro

G4TV: Gamers constantly wax poetic about the Golden Age of the Super Nintendo (or Nintendo, or Atari, or Dreamcast, or any other system, depending who you ask), but were older games really that much better, or are we just seeing the past through rose-colored glasses? How do you honestly judge a game that took over your childhood? Do 8- and 16-bit classics still work in today's flashy 3D world? We put forth an experiment to see if they do. Read on to see how things turned out.

In order to try to tackle some of those questions, I decided to look back at one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time: Final Fantasy VI.

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kma2k2824d ago

Its one of those games 17 years later i can pick up the controller at any point in the story & 6 hours will have passed & i swear all i did was blink! Still one of my favorite games of all time.

Litteraly played it all the way through over 30 times, each time ALL characters level 99! :)

caseh2824d ago

My first experience with the FF series and possibly one of the best games I ever played.

I was hoping that FF13 would be a return to form, I pretty much skipped all FF games after FF7 as it left a sour taste in my mouth.

I've got FF6 on my mobile now using a SNES emulator, modern technology eh. :)

DragonKnight2824d ago

In this generation where graphics have unfortunately taken the lead in expectations of great gaming, only those "newbies" with open minds would be able to play FFVI and NOT whine about 16bit graphics.

That said, the game is simply fantastic. It stands up against the test of time because it comes from an era where graphics didn't rule. It comes from a time where games with actual gameplay and story were what was expected to be a great game. None of this hand holding, dumbed down, flashy garbage that exists today.

FFVI and the rest of the "old school" SNES games easily best todays games. Not in graphics, and not because of nostalgia, but simply put they are better games. Even PS1 games as well. Give me a Suikoden II, an FFIV, or a Secret of Mana/Evermore over FFXIII or CoD or pretty much most of the games of this gen any day.

Pozzle2824d ago

'In this generation where graphics have unfortunately taken the lead in expectations of great gaming, only those "newbies" with open minds would be able to play FFVI and NOT whine about 16bit graphics.'

I've heard people complain about how they cant play FFVIII because the graphics are so outdated, and it makes me feel old because I remember when it was one of the most amazing looking games on the PSone. I still get wow-ed by some of the cutscenes. :O

DragonKnight2824d ago

I know. Gamers this gen are SPOILED! I don't even care if I seem old for saying that, I've been a gamer for over 2 decades so sue me. Lol. I love the Balamb vs. Galbadia Garden battle scenes. They're all amazing. Especially the one where the ground forces are fighting and all the fire, blizzard, and thunder spells are shooting around all over the place. My favorite part of that is when one of the Galbadia troops gets smacked off his bike like a clothesline by a SeeD's sword. Frickin' awesome.

Cpt_kitten2824d ago

ahhh ff6, so much better than 7

6&8 are my favorites, 7 is just overrated and over done still enjoyable but not as much as these

RedDead2824d ago

Explain why 8 is better than 7, 8 was my first FF, I still like 7 more, last disk of ff8 really let it down

Cpt_kitten2824d ago

better story and chars, 7 was all about a guy who pretended he was someone else and had no personality

8 is squall is a punk who gets more or less forced into everything

i always connected better with squall since at that time (of course) i was in school and well i liked pulling pranks and never wanted to be there, studied hard of course

kma2k2824d ago

Ive played all of the final fantasy games, including mystiq quest & the orginals on NES but for some unknown to me reason i could not even get through disc 1 on FFVIII i tried...many times & just couldnt do it.

darfreeze2824d ago

The best FF IMO. I hope they release an HD remake.

CanadianTurtle2824d ago

I remember back a few years, I think it was 3 years ago where I wanted a new RPG. I never tried the Final Fantasy games as a kid because I didn't like the box art. That was the biggest mistake of my childhood. Anyways, I picked this game up 3 years ago, and man it was such an amazing experience.

Eversince then, I've been a huge fan of the FF series. Now I will never judge a game poorly by its cover ever again. It was my most memorable games I've ever played.

I remember when I first got the abandoned airship, and the music with it was so epic!

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