Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: New NPC features necessary or unneeded?

Product-Reviews writes: Another heavy aspect of the Elder Scrolls universe is NPC interaction. In Oblivion, NPCs were very repetitive and players would get bored hearing the same thing over an over again with the same facial expressions and vocal phrasing. In Skyrim, Bethesda are once again placing NPC interaction as one of their key areas of the game, and we’re hearing that players will even be able to get married and live with your partner this time around. It may seem like a pointless feature to include, but when you are leveled up to the brim and feel like a break from the action, it will be nice for players to relax in their Skyrim mansion with a female companion – we wonder how far Bethesda will be taking the getting married scenario, will it include a night of passion as well?

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tr00p3r2828d ago

New NPC interaction is welcome in my book.. well met!

callahan092828d ago

Improved and expanded NPC interaction is the absolute most important feature requiring improvement in open-world RPGs in order to increase the sense of BEING your character in a realistically living world.

tr00p3r2828d ago

I hope they do away with that bloody pie wheel system, surely they can think of something better than

DanSolo2828d ago

I heard that they have done away with it!

_LarZen_2828d ago

Why would anyone say no to this?

BeOneWithTheGun2828d ago

Agreed. I am so pumped for this game its already GOML (Game of My Life)

Gren2828d ago

" will be nice for players to relax in their Skyrim mansion with a female companion..."

Wow, way to go with the assumption that your readership is either all heterosexual males--or possibly homosexual females, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the author wasn't thinking beyond his own (clearly narrow) frame of reference. -10 credibility points for failing to take into consideration more than 50% of the human population.

Allow me to invite you to join the rest of us in the 21st century, Mr. Ng.

Bigpappy2825d ago

@Gren: you are referring to women right?

Gay men might account for .05% of the total population. An if you are a gay male, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you from where I stand, but be careful out there, as there are many men who are insulted and become very angry when approached by another man. I would be put off by it and might reject you in a harsh manner so there is no confusion as to where I stand. But, I personally know some guys who will go off the deep end and do you serious physical harm. Just be careful out there.

Why am I telling you this? You choose to introduce the topic when there was nothing in the article dealing with gay relations. Then the statement in your comment suggest that you are a person on a mission and you target is heterosexual males. Be careful with that.

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