Kev Levine was "surprised, amazed" by BioShock’s success

BioShock was a resounding success for Ken Levine and Irrational Games. But the renowned designer has now admitted he was “surprised” and “amazed” by the game’s popularity.

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kamakaz3md2829d ago

the game was something new, different and amazing. Something you dont see much of these days. Id say it was the most interesting game on nex gen consoles, that was a rush. If you didnt play it, i feel sorry for you, especially if you claim your a gamer!

reznik_zerosum2829d ago

i hope deus ex h.r will be "something new, different and amazing"

kamakaz3md2829d ago

im most excited for deus ex 3 out of all the gr8 games coming this year. I think its gonna blow all other games away, as well as that POS mass defect 3

MidnytRain2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )


Mass Effect 3 looks fun, but comes out next year in 2012, not this year, dude. Don't see why we can't enjoy both.

Active Reload2829d ago

"as well as that POS mass defect 3"

Looks like we have a 12 year old amongst us.

frelyler2829d ago

Exactly what I was going to say. I wish the rest of the game industry would take notes and not just crib from other games. IE, if you come up with an original idea and execute it well with good graphics, story and innovative game play then it will most likely do well. Instead the "suits" look at the success of other companies and like the unoriginal lemmings they are they copy it instead of learning from it.

Storm232829d ago

While I respect your opinions, I just didn't get this game. I gave it a chance on a few occasions and for some reason it just didn't grab me like almost every other game I purchase for my library. But I am happy it is a game that many enjoyed and I really wanted to but just couldn't.

But to each their own. Hopefully I won't have to know the whole story of Bioshock 1 and 2 for Infinite. I will give it a try because I know it deserves a shot. Game on people.

Micro_Sony2829d ago

When did you play it? If you played it when it first came out and did not grab you then your taste in gaming might be more COD.

rumplstilts2829d ago

^^^ That's a bunch of bs.

I may not have been enraptured by the world of Rapture, but I am not a COD kinda guy.

I'm more System Shock. Where shooting is only a part of the greater goal of survival.

Odion2829d ago

I was surprised and amazed by Bioshock as well, I still remember downloading the demo in the middle of the night and being utterly blown away when they reveal Rapture.

ddkshah2829d ago

warhawk, the last guardian, from dust, are all doing something new with the latter releasing tomorrow and has already gotten a 9/10 from edge :) I am really hyped for that game. Though If I only had a choice of one of these 3 games next year I would choose bioshock infinite :D

Disccordia2829d ago

Keep making great games, KL!

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