Activision: The Only Publisher Doing It Right

PS Uni writes: "Since becoming the biggest fish in the pond after merging with Vivendi and becoming Activision Blizzard in 2008, they get an awful lot of crap flung in their direction, and the timing is certainly no coincidence. Being at the top paints an awfully big target on your back, regardless of who and where you are. Like anyone else, there are cases where the venom is deserved — I refuse to believe that Bizzare Creations would be closed had Blur been handled better and had their future not rested on a Bond game with no movie tie-in — but for the most part it’s simply comes with the territory.
In fact, I’m willing to take it a couple of steps further; not only are they not the evil conglomerate out to destroy the games industry, they might be the only publisher doing just about everything right. They’re not number one by accident, after all, so let’s dig a little deeper."

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Inside_out2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

While EA, the biggest crooks in gaming along with Ubisoft and THQ come up with more scams to try and trap gamers into buying their sub-par offerings, Acti-Blizz does it right...Thank you Activision.

" I wish publishers would spend less time thinking about how much money they’re losing via used game sales and more time thinking about why people are trading in their games in the first place "

This is something I talk about all the time. COD holds it's value for months and months because of the quality of the games. NOT all Activision titles are like that, but you can at least expect to see trailers that represent the game HONESTLY, unlike EA-Dice and the debacle that is unfolding with Battlefield 3...on any platform...just look at this mess...

Go read up on the details of the lawsuit filed against Activision by Jason and Vince, quite possibly the greediest people I've ever heard of.

Activsion, as per there agreement with Infinity Ward, have 84 MILLION dollars ( pooled ) set aside pending this court case...yep, 84 MILLION that will be given to the Infinity team...if that is enough, on top of that, Jason and Vince will get 36 MILLION between the two of them...poor babies are starving, I can see why they wanted to leave Acti-Blizzard and start there own company, they were'nt getting paid enough for a game that took 2 YEARS to make...O_o

The average pay for everyone that that worked on the game will be in the 800,000 range...yep EVERY worker plus their regular salary. If you think these guys, for 2 years work, deserve that kind of money, then please, give them all yours as well.

Bobby Kotick was told of their plans to leave Activision, even tho they were under contract and run BACK, yep, that's were they came from, to EA. Activision has the e-mails to prove it and yet it's Activision that is made to be the bad guy. Sure, Mr Kotick is treading on shaking ground by with holding their money but he wanted assurances that they were not leaving and in the end, fired them. I hope Activision wins this case and the one against garbage EA.