Twisted Metal Box Art is 'Not A Real Thing' - Jaffe

It turns out the box art posted earlier, believed to be the official European Box Art for Twisted Metal PS3 is not official according to lead designer David Jaffe via Twitter...

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Forbidden_Darkness3617d ago

Good, because it looked pretty horrible in my opinion. I personally would like it to look like the Twisted Metal Black box art.

BroGamer3617d ago

Yeah, I really didn't like this box art, was poor. Looked like a mock up you'd find on a forum, if not worse.

Undeadwolfy3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

It wont look like that either. on Jaffe's blog he talks about why he thinks Twisted Metal Black's boxart was bad because it didn't convey what the game was about. People thought it was a racing game. Personally though, I liked it.

If the boxart in the thread is the supposed European Boxart, thats nasty, I could do a better job in Photoshop. It looks fake straight away. The outline around Sweet Tooth's face is not right and it looks to 'ameteur-ish'.

BroGamer3617d ago

Yea, is it me or does Sweet Tooth look really low res on that image too?

Undeadwolfy3611d ago

@Brogamer, its not just you. I noticed that straight away.

Dart893617d ago

Yea i rather they use this one.

subtenko3617d ago

They gotta have sweet tooth and/or calypso on the cover tho. This game is gonna be effin crazy, so they need to perfect image to convey all of that summed up in an image. Cant wait for the game!

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