Skyrim DLC: Bethesda keen on 'bigger', 'complete package'

CVG: Rockstar and Fallout 3 cited as inspiration for chunkier offering.

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Fishy Fingers2830d ago

Good, generally decent sized DLC gives you better value for money, when compared to new outfits or whatever. Mod support should help keep you busy too.

MidnytRain2830d ago

I decided that I'm going to stop buying map packs for my games. In my experience, they don't ever add all that much and I end up not liking the maps in a lot of cases. I decided that when I buy DLC, it's going to be for REAL, NEW CONTENT, like what you get with Fallout or Mass Effect.

jp332830d ago

Agreed, I wish companies would just go back to expansion packs.

Foxgod2830d ago

Good news, would love expansions on a huge game that add so many extra hours that it could have been a full game by itself.

sonicsidewinder2830d ago

Ahh...when expansion meant 'a whole new game'... it's long gone.

TheGameFoxJTV2830d ago

Shivering Isles for Oblivion. And Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam.

Basjohn2830d ago

Hey hey guys now maybe....just maybe....let's keep going chunkier and I dunno I'm talking crazy here....but release something that's a whole new campaign. And we can call it a.....err.....ex.....expansion waffle? No no....expansion pack.......that's right!

I'm forever torn that 15 years ago we were getting the right decisions that they don't have the brains to make today.

I would rather pay $20 for a whole new campaign, higher level cap, new skills, new companions and areas than $5 a pop for either a horse to have some armour or an area I can finish in an hour.

zinkabassy2830d ago

If they don't sell horse armor,... no buy.